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Our Features

Maximise Revenues

Informed decisions lead to maximised revenues.

Future View

Demand can be difficult to forecast.
Our Future View reports provide actual market prices 30days forward.

Occupancy, Rate, RevPAB

Performance is based on the 3 Key Performance Indicators.

Events Tool

Stay up-to-date with the events in your city.

Fully Automated

A service that communicates directly with your Property Management System.

Competitive Analysis

Compare your performance with similar hostels.

Online Reputation

Know everything that is being said about your hostel and your competitors.

Free plan

New to benchmarking? Try it for free today.

Customer Support

We work online, so you can contact us anytime.
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and more...

The entire service is automated, so there is no work for you. Simply login, compare the market and see how beds are selling.
On top of that we provide actual market prices 30days into the future, so you never have to guess best rate again.
Our programming interface communicates directly with your PMS (Property Management System).
In this way we represent 100% of your bed stock.
Leaving you free to login, compare and price.
All data is anonymised, meaning you get to see how a set of hostels is performing, but never an individual hostel's performance.
Similarly they will only ever see your performance as part of aggregated figures.

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